Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Ball of Chaos!

I got a kitten in December that is half Siamese and half something else. She turned out to be a He and so I named him Oliver. He's a bundle of energy and reminds me of a child. Everything I tell him 'no' for he does. He likes getting into the garbage, scratching up the carpet/walls, climbing on counters and tables, begging for food and unrolling toilet paper. He drives me crazy some days. Other days, he can be the most snuggly kitten. He loves giving kisses, nuzzeling into necks, purring and sleeps with me every night. When it's bed time, he thinks it's playtime. When it's time to get up in the morning, he thinks it's time to cuddle. He's a ball of fun and chaos, but I love him and he really helps me get through some of my bad days!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sisters and Spiders Don't Mix

I hate spiders. There is nothing more disgusting to me than spiders. They are ugly with their hairy bodies, 8 legs and beady little eyes that stare at you with the intent on your death. My youngest sister decided that she wanted a tarantula for a pet. Why? I have no idea except that maybe being the youngest sister, she wanted to torture her oldest sister, me. The day she brought the spider home, I had no idea she had even bought one. She had told me she had a surprise in her room for me and that I was going to love it. I was excited for I had no idea what was in her bedroom. I went into her room and there was something underneath a blanket. I asked her what was under it. Was it a gerbil? Was it a cute little animal that I would adore? The look on my face was probably the priceless look of horror when she lifted the blanket and there sat the biggest, nastiest spider I had ever seen. I was upset and vowed to not enter her room anymore and if the spider escaped its cage, I would climb out of my two story house window to escape the wrath of the 8 legged creature.