Monday, February 24, 2014

My Motivation is On!

I'm starting fresh this week! The last couple weeks have been really hard on me from changing medications to family issues. I have 3 more weeks of school left followed by a week in California to go to the beach and Disneyland! I much needed vacation! My cat got fixed today, so hopefully he'll calm down and let me focus on homework instead of having to get up every 10 minutes to take something away from him. My friend from Nevada is visiting for a week, so I get to have some much needed friend time! I spent time with my niece this weekend and am going to an art talk later today.. All in All- I'm trying to get my motivation on and push through the rest of the term like a champion!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

If Only Cats Could Talk!

If only cats could talk!

Waking up every morning to something ripped up or shredded.
If only cats could talk.

Giving the cat some love and listening to him purr,
After a minute of love, he thinks it's fun to use my hand as a scratching post.
If only cats could talk.

Every day I can expect to fine his mouse, rope, or some object in his water dish,
Even after I just filled it with fresh water.
If only cats could talk.

Treats, chew toys, balls and mice.
Climbing domes, cat nip, boxes and lasers.
He is spoiled beyond belief, but it's never what he really wants.
He wants my precious decorations from china, my stuffed animals, my pens and receipts..
He wants to eat my chap stick, my purse, my coat and the clothes that hang in my closet.
If only cats could talk.

Hide the garbages.
Put everything up at lease 5 feet out of his reach.
Leave nothing out for him to eat…even if I think it's safe..In a bag…on the table…It is NOT safe.
If only cats could talk.

I love my little monster,
But cannot for the life of me explain what he wants or why he's crazy.
Ugh… If Only Cats Could Talk!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Being sick was only the beginning...

Today I've really struggled with what to write. I'm just getting over a sickness that left me out of class for a week. I feel stressed, behind and so overwhelmed that I sit and think of ways to better myself. Create a better schedule? Quit one of my jobs so I have more time to focus on homework. Having OCD is really hard on me because I like things done on time and everything organized. When my life is  hectic, I get lost. Not having anyone to depend on is also hard because sometimes I need that pick-me-up…Because Coffee can only do so much! ha ha. I think, maybe if I bake some bread I'll feel like I accomplished something. Maybe if I try to do some things around my apartment I'll get motivated to do homework or work out. Then my cat decides that doing everything he shouldn't would be fun when I already am stressed. It's week 6 in school and I'm looking in the future for Spring Break… One week of being sick sure causes a lot of stress and doubt. 4 more weeks…I can do this…I hope.

Monday, February 3, 2014

8 Motivating Tips for Teachers!!

On Thursday of this week, I arrived at my class to learn all about the PLC's by our district superintendent and the PLC coach. As exciting as this class may be at times (cough cough) it is something we as teachers should be aware of and can really help our future teaching. One thing that really hit me was this list that was read about the top 8 tips for beginning teachers, as well as good tips in general for teachers. I will definitely keep this list with me and for those who do not have it, I feel this is very motivating!

1. Love Education! (what it truly comes down to…the kids!)
2. Find those that'll help you. 
3. Pick and choose the news you read.
4. Know your limits.
5. Never close your door.
6. Support!
7. Pick your battles.
8. Don't get sucked in negatively!