Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Who knew teaching about superhero's and villains would make such a difference?!

    This last Saturday, me and 2 other students participated in a Writer's workshop for students grades 3rd-6th. We were to come up with a writing lesson and teach it to 4 different groups. When coming up with  ideas for this lesson, I had to think about something that would be engaging for this range of students. It occurred to me that writing about superhero's and villains would be a fun topic for kids of all ages and gender. My group really liked this idea and we decided to dress up as well.
     I really enjoyed teaching the kids. To be in charge of the classroom was such a thrilling experience for me. I've been teaching mini lessons to a small group of kids, but to be in front of the classroom engaging the students and seeing their excitement to write about their own superhero or villain was extraordinary. This experience really helped me feel connected  to students and to know I can make a difference. I'm so excited for my last year of school to which then I'll be teaching :D